Facts About Bullying

What You Need to Know

  • Bullies Like an Audience

    Bullying is a group activity. Children gang up on other children and outnumber them. They intend to harm and intimidate those who they perceive as vulnerable. All these kids need help: those who bully, those who witness bullying and those who are bullied.

  • Adults Need to Take Action

    Children cannot be expected to deal with bullying on their own. They might get hurt or make things worse. Children need the support of adults helping them figure out how to handle the situation.

  • Bullies Target Differences

    Bullies choose their victims. They target kids who are perceived as different. Therefore kids with disabilities and learning differences are at higher risk. Other differences include: race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.

This 45 Minute Video Course Walks You Through What to Do to Help A Child Deal with Bullying

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Children Hurting Other Children is a Huge Global Problem

Good Thing It's Preventable

If your child, or a child you care about has been involved in bullying it's crucial to take action. Whether your child was bullied, witnessed bullying, or bullied someone else, he, she or they deserve to be helped. There are things to do to make things better and there are things that will make things worse. By educating yourself, you can decide what next step you should take.

What You Will Learn

Here is a Breakdown of the Course

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    Welcome to the Course!

  • 2

    How to Help Kids Who Bully

    • Kids Who Bully Target Differences

    • Kids Who Bully Operate from Contempt

    • "There is nothing wrong with who you are. And what you did was wrong."

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  • 3

    How to Help Kids Who Are Bullied

    • Kids Who Are Bullied are Perceived as Different

    • Warning Signs that Your Child is Being Bullied

    • "There is nothing wrong with who you are. And here are some tools to help."

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  • 4

    How to Help Kids Who Witness Bullying

    • Kids Who Bully Like an Audience

    • How to Help Kids Who Witness Bullying

    • Bullying Bystander Quiz

  • 5

    Bullying Prevention - A Three Pronged Approach

    • Prevention Through Education

    • Prevention Through Discipline

    • Prevention Through Unconditional Love

    • Final Quiz

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    Before You go

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